(300 Modern Limited) Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo Super Qualifier Team Lists

Date: 3/11/17
Location: Decatur, GA
Venue: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo
Format: 300pt Modern Age Limited
Number of Players: 14

1st Place – Brad Milburn
170 Krang 170
65 Batmite
40 Juston Seyfert
20 Night Nurse
Maps: WK Office, ROC Zipline, New Timbetpal

2nd Place – Howard Brock
(Mystical Theme)
140 Jakeem Thunder
90 John Constantine
70 Klarion the Witch-Boy
 ROC Blue Line, Convention Center Plaza, Jean Grey School

3rd Place – John Robinson
170 Armaggon
80 LE Doctor Octopus
50 Ant-Man
Light, Light, Heavy Object
Sideline: All Hank Pym Morph figures
Maps: WK Office, ROC Blue Line, Jean Grey School

4th Place – Khari Simpson
(Justice League Theme)
115 LE Green Lantern
100 Element Man
81 Elongated Man
3 Justice League ATA (x3)
Maps: Hank Pym’s Lab, Jean Grey School