500pt. Named Theme Team Silver Age Limited Co-Main Event Results

The Co-Main event brought 12 players after the Main Event.  The format was 500pt Named Theme Team Silver Age Limited.  There were some great team ideas, but Justice Society and Justice League rose to the top.  Kid Phenom Scott Hickman wins the Co-Main event after Top 8’ing the Main Event, and followed it up with a win during the Sunday Side Event.  Scott had to hit back-to-back 10s on his last attack to win the game, otherwise, we are looking at the Justice League as the premiere team. The other teams almost build themselves, but take a look at Brian’s Justice League list. It’s genius.  Better lucky than good!

Co-Main Event Finals – Brian vs Scott

Scott Hickman

1st Place – Scott Hickman (Justice Society)
170 KC Green Lantern
140 Jakeem Thunder
35 JW Green Lantern
35 JW Green Lantern
35 JW Green Lantern
25 JW The Atom
25 JW The Atom
25 JW The Atom
6 Symbiote

Brian Wasowski

2nd Place – Brian Wasowski (Justice League)
90 WF Superman
77 LE Black Canary
75 Stargirl
60 WF Batman
55 EW Green Lantern
50 FF Oracle
45 EW The Flash
30 KC Green Lantern
8 Cosmic Treadmill
7 Fate’s Helmet
Sideline: All Shifting Focus Batman and Superman

3rd Place – Michael Hart (TMNT Villain)
170 Armaggon
90 Mini Shredder
90 Claw Shredder
85 Shredder Clone + Ocean Resurrection
60 Pizza Face
5 Boxing Ring
Sideline: Shark Shredder

4th Place – Roel Sanchez (Batman Family)
300 World’s Finest
67 NML Batgirl
50 OP LE Batgirl
45 The Bat
25 Batcycle (autopilot)
6 Thomas Kalamaku
2 Bat Signal
5 Boxing Ring
Sideline: The Joker Creature