ROC 2018 – First Mega Super Qualifier Preview – George Massu

by George Massu

Hello Apex Inisiders readers and Heroclix players!

I’m George Massu and welcome to another installment article keeping with the pulse and enjoyment of a game that brings us all together! One of the greatest pleasures I have of Heroclix always comes from outside the game. Getting to know people is really something that I value and sincerely enjoy. What makes cultivating new relationships with people/players even more satisfying is being with that person or group in their atmosphere, their home city or state. Somewhere where they feel most comfortable and relaxed, and that will allow them to open up to you a little more personably. So,  I’m delighted to announce that in 2018 I should be in position to expand my traveling capabilities and once again learn the game from people who’ve taught me best over the years, the players!

An Event that I am very interested in is being hosted by one of the best players in the game right now, PJ Bolin! PJ has a fiery red identity that is very familiar to those that know him and those that do not. Not only is he easily a top 3 player in the game but he has a genuine passion and desire to expand the Heroclix community by building friendly bridges everywhere that he travels,  connecting little Heroclix hubs and webbing them into neighborly circuits. This is the bi-product of traveling, meeting players and encouraging them to expand their travels and game play. PJ is a great person and an admirable, crimson inspiration to the community in general.

PJ is now hosting a 400pt ROC Age Limited, Mega Super Qualifier in his hometown of Kokomo, Indiana this February, Saturday the 17th  Registration @10am!

The venue was recently moved due to the volume of players committed to attending and that address is:

Rozzi’s Catering and Continental Ballroom.
920 Millbrook Lane
Kokomo, Indiana 46901

ROC Age Limited means, Oreo Base and every figure (except Felix Faust) from the Superman set to current.

-No figures larger than peanut base
-No Resources
-No Relics
-No Constructs
-No ID cards
-No Feats/Battle Field Conditions
-No Event Dials
-No Special Terrain
-No Characters equipped during force construction
-No Epic Actions/Horde Tokens.

This means there is some Golden Age capacity in this event so dust off your older figures, expect to be surprised and have plenty of fun!

Prizing seems to swag out to the top 32 players. Top two taking home the majority of the booty:

1st place 20 ROC points, ROC Cup Semi final bye, A set of dice, 2 Tokens, Map, Plaque, Top 8 ROC Pin and a brick of the current set.

2nd Place 20 ROC points, Set of Dice, 2 Tokens, Map, Top 8 Roc pin, and 2 boosters.

With the playing field widened what should you watch out for?? Here’s a quick list from the top of my head of older figures (and modern ones) I think are particularly strong.

-Thanosi, Opposing characters can’t ignore terrain and some really nice keywords like Mystical and Eternals

-Super Skrull, no restriction pick a power, and the ability to continuously resurrect himself with food tokens, how annoying! I expect to see him on the top teams.

-Copycat, the ability to disrupt your opponent by taking one of their pieces! I carry a shiv for players that try this!

-Fantomex, can draw lines of fire and count squares and range from his EVA pog. Vicious.

-Goblin King, Pick a power is just so relevant!

-Alyosha Kraven, the Steve Irwin of clix! Simply amazing with Characters with the Animal keyword.

-Beta Ray Bill, the camps figure that can not have lines of fire drawn to it unless you began your turn within 4 squares. He’s another character I fully expect to see make an appearance.

-Dr. Strange/Astral Strange. Another character that can target regardless of range, squares, or LOF.

-Nick Fury, this character is relevant and will be fielded in this event.

-Chase Green Arrow, opposing characters can’t use defense powers. I’m positive the field will have one or two of these figures being fielded.

-Jakeem Thunder, even with the recent nurf, pick a power is still a great asset to have.

-Lex Luthor and Joker, Mastermind got a boost with the rule changes. I expect at least 1 person to play this character.

-General Lane, an effective boost to Outwit places this support piece higher up on the food chain.

-Kyle Rayner, powerful even without a construct.

-Despotellis, one of the best Poison characters in the game.

-Bizarro, this baddy only removes one Orrazib token at a time!

-Bizarro Green Arrow, with the high probability you’ll see characters that can target regardless of range, squares, or lof this guys counter to that makes him a relevant piece!

Well with just about 3 weeks to go I hope everyone is zero’ing in on what they’re going to play and how they will play it. I must say this will be an incredibly fun and interesting event. Good luck to PJ and all the players who will be attending!

Take care,

-George Massu