ROC Cup Semis Primer – Aaron Cantu

Aaron Cantu (1)by Aaron Cantu

We are just over a week from the big ROC World Cup event in Atlanta. If you are one of the lucky players who has gathered enough points or won enough events to go straight to the final rounds on Sunday, you are likely not going to be too interested in this article. If you are one of the unlucky players who has just enough points to get into Saturday and you need to grind out the Semi-Finals, this is for you. I am going to aim to talk you through what I expect to see the most of, as well as inspire some team builds with some figures you may not have been considering. I will break these down somewhat by a class system based on the way I view these figures. Before we do that, we need to examine just what the format is:

Format: 400 Points Modern Limited

ROC Limited Format

Not Allowed: Resources, Figures larger than a Peanut base, Constructs, Relics, ID Cards, Feats, BFC's, Event Dials & Characters equipped during force construction

Allowed: Theme Teams, ATA's, Special objects, Word Bubbles, Comic Panels, Bystanders & Special Terrain

Notable new additions to the “Allowed” elements are Comic Panels and Special Terrain. At the time of this writing, the only Special Terrains are the Boxing Ring and the Invisible Plane. Comic Panels are exclusive to the Deadpool and X-Force Chases. Otherwise, this format has not changed much since its inception. Now, on to the figures.

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