ROC Cup Team Sealed Primer – Jay Solomon

Jay Solomon by Jay Solomon

With the ROC World Cup around the corner, we’re also approaching one of my favourite formats, Teams. Similar to Wizkids’ Team Worlds, the format is that a team of 3 players gets a total of 6 packs of a set. The team opens up all the packs and puts together a team of 300 sealed points for each player. This format has all the benefits of sealed, with less of the negatives due to sheer amount of product opened resulting in less crappy pulls.

If a figure requires other pieces to work perfectly, I will take that into account in my review and rate accordingly, specifying whether you should play it in the worst and best case scenario. I will be rating figures with one of 3 recommendations: Don’t Play, Maybe Play, Probably Play, and Must Play. Maybe play figures are figures that are decent, or should only be played under the right circumstances.  Probably Play figures are average to above average, and should be played most of the time, but not for sure, like Must Play figures. These are just my recommendations, so if you get specific pulls that work well with a figure, or don’t feel that you will get the best use out of a “Must Play” figure, feel free to evaluate what you have accordingly.

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