Team List: Wizkids Open – Mistress Death – PJ Bolin & Kennie Pena

By PJ Bolin and Kennie Pena

PJ Bolin: Hello Apex Insiders!  I am coming back to you all with another build that I will be using for an upcoming event.  This one will be much more special, as the original creator of this team, Kennie Peña will be joining me in co-writing this article!  Kennie piloted this Mistress Death build to a Top 8 at the ROC World Cup, and defeated me in the process.  This definitely has the potential to contest Uni-Mind in the current meta, and nobody should be overlooking it.  We will be going much more in depth on this build than I normally do in my typical write-ups.  Let’s begin!

Kennie Peña: Greetings all. Really quite an honor to have someone wanting to not only write an article about my team, but also wanting to play it….after I eliminated him with it…..sorry PJ. I tend to build teams with lots of moving parts and they are generally not copied by others, so quite a unique feeling this is. While I did ultimately place in 6th, the team definitely showed it could hang with Uni-Mind/Jakeem teams that are considered by most to be “the best.” So along with PJ, let’s break this bad girl down and hopefully show to all how it all works.

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