Team Tactics – Competitive Alternatives to Jakeem/Uni-Mind – Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman by Adam Friedman

Second-Tier Hotness.

Everybody who’s been paying attention is probably aware that the top of the Modern meta largely comes down to Jakeem, or Uni-Mind. There are a couple other strategies that are near this, such as PJ Bolin’s Odin the Destroyer build. But less talked about are the reasonably strong second-tier builds that can still compete.

A quick primer on how I define some terms. I use the term “top-tier” to refer to teams that have the following characteristics. 1. These teams/figures/strategies are sufficiently strong that a significant number of matchups are going to be significantly favored. 2. Losing games with a top-tier team typically occurs only through a combination of exceedingly bad luck, significant misplays, or battling other top-tier teams.

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