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Jay Solomon by Jay Solomon

Hello and welcome to this latest installment of “Why Don’t I Play This Piece?” This week, I will be going over a piece that was talked about when he was first revealed, but hasn’t been seen much since. This week’s article is on TMNT Wyrm!

Also, from this article until Limited is being played again, these articles’ teams will be for the 300 modern format.

Wyrm has two traits:

SHARE THE WISHES! THESE ARE HARD ECONOMIC TIMES!: Wyrm begins the game with 3 Wish tokens on this card. Once per turn, an adjacent friendly character may be given a free action to remove a Wish token. When you do, roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.
2-3: Modify one of that character’s combat values by +1.
4-5: Modify that character’s combat values by +1.
6: That character can use the standard power of your choice.
Any result lasts until your next turn. When Wyrm has no Wish tokens, at the beginning of your turn deal 1 unavoidable damage to each adjacent character.

While Wyrm being 150 points limits the number of friendly characters that can benefit from the wishes, this trait makes Wyrm a very interesting character to use to Call-In ID card characters. He will (outside of a roll of 1) either buff them with stats or let them choose a standard power, making them even better. This works very well with his Perplex and his other trait. Dealing free damage when the wishes are gone is also useful, especially with his tie-up possibilities and being annoying to hit.

WYRM FEELS LIKE CAUSING A BIT OF CHAOS: Wyrm can use Phasing/Teleport, Probability Control, Shape Change and his powers can’t be countered.

Phasing is always good for positioning, traited Shape Change on top of his uncounterable Super Senses is good defensively, and Probability Control is of course one of the best powers in the game. Traited Probability Control is obviously very useful, especially since Wyrm works best as an ID card battery, and most call-ins will not have their own Probability Control to rely on. Being uncounterable is also important, especially as Outwit gets a massive buff under the new rules.

The rest of Wyrm’s dial is a random assortment of powers, ranging from more supporty powers to combat values suitable for attacking. Plasticity through the dial is also good, to serve as effective tie-up along with his Super Senses and Shape Change. He also costs enough to call in almost any ID character that you will want.

Cosmic is not the strongest keyword, so using Wyrm on a themed team is not the best idea, at least right now. He also does not have access to any ATAs, although they will all be retiring with this coming rotation.

175 Wyrm w/Brainiac
45 Mephisto
15 H.E.N.R.Y.
15 The Atom
15 The Atom
5 Justice League Teleporter
ID Cards:
5 Nightwing
5 Green Arrow
5 Spider-Man
5 S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 7
5 U.S. Agent
5 Superman

Sideline: WKD15-008 Nightwing, WKD16-004 Green Arrow, SFSM060 Superior Spider-Man, SFSM065 Cyborg Spider-Man, NFAOS056 Nick Fury, ADW067 Hawkeye, NFAOS052 Hulk, NFAOS037 U.S. Agent, BVS016 Superman

This team will maximise the effectiveness of your ID card characters that Wyrm brings in. Both Mephisto and Wyrm will be able to use Perplex on the character and will both enable you to use Probability Control for their attacks. H.E.N.R.Y. will either provide Empower or Enhancement for the call-in, whichever it needs. The Nightwing ID card will provide yet another Perplex via Tony Zucco, so your call-ins will have maxed out damage, +1 attack, and at least 2 uses of Probability Control, with the possibility of extra stats from Wyrm on top, or another standard power. Having 2 call-ins with Flurry on top will allow you to get even more use out of the ridiculous stats. Brainiac will either give Wyrm Sidestep for further call-in use, or Impervious to go with his Super Senses and Shape Change. By the time he has called in 3 characters he will have used up all the Wish tokens and will start to deal out unavoidable damage, so you can start dealing that damage out, using Mephisto to position opposing characters next to Wyrm. If your opponent does start dealing damage to Wyrm, The Atoms will retaliate, potentially setting up for an Empower for a call-in.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading, and remember that when playing established competitive pieces or a fringe figure, practice makes your team better.