The Learning Curve – Modern Age Rotation (Part 2) – Patrick Yapjoco

Patrick Yapjocoby Patrick Yapjoco

Age of Ultron OP set

This set basically shaped the entire Modern Age format for the last year.  So many things came out of here that losing this set will COMPLETELY shift how we play the game going forward.  We start with the Ultron Drones.  Almost all of the 30pt Drones were used at some point in the format.  The fact that they count around 120pts means they can Call-In some of the most potent ID Card characters in the format. The all have Sidestep and if they don’t have action tokens, their action does not count towards your action total. All that for a measly 30pts.  Some of the more useful Drones had other useful abilities that helped round out teams, like Ultron-6 (IM: Blocking Terrain and breaks it when it moves through it), Ultron-18.2 (the only flying Ultron Drone), Ultron-7 (Giant and counts as 125pts), and Ultron Phalanx (Soldier keyword and IT: Elevated terrain).  These format-defining pieces were a staple on almost every team, able to easily Call-In Nick Fury or Nightwing.  Losing these ID Card enablers will change how ID Card strategies will be formed.

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