PJ Bolin follows up his WKO win with a Super Qualifier win in Little Rock!

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With the release of Deadpool the week before, this was the first weekend we got to see how the new set impacted the metagame.  It didn’t disappoint.  5 out of the 8 teams featured a figure from the new set, including PJ Bolin’s winning list, which had the Fast Forces Domino and Fenris.  It was a tough field, with Uncanny ClixMen, Team Juggernaut, and Phoenix Nest all in attendance. PJ’s Jakeem Thunder and friends took the tournament for another notch under his belt, following up his WKO win a few weeks ago with a Super Qualifier win.  Congratulations, PJ! 

1st Place – PJ Bolin


With people tinkering with new ideas and builds, the format stayed relatively the same, with Deadpool pieces splashed in.  Fenris, Domino, Wizkid, Howard the Duck all served as supporting cast, while Dreadpool and Swarm tried to start a new archetype.  It’s still Jakeem Thunder teams, however, that are the sure things.  Jacob Cockrell’s Runner-Up team should be a main player in the format, with many attackers, mobility, versatility, and more importantly, has a good chance of winning the Map Roll to get that alpha strike first.  

Date: 3/11/17
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Venue: Game Goblins
Format: 300pt Modern Age Limited
Number of Players: 22

Top 8

1st Place – PJ Bolin
140 Jakeem Thunder
60 Fenris
50 Magneto
25 FF Domino
15 Betty Brant
10 Hulkbuster (Torso)
Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Maps: WK Office, ROC Crossfire Canyon, Danny the Street

2nd Place – Jacob Cockrell
(Sinister Syndicate Theme)
80 Speed Demon
80 LE Doctor Octopus
70 Chameleon
35 Overdrive
10 Thug
15 Original Sinister Six ATA (x5)
8 Symbiote
2 Pym Particles
Heavy Object
Fenris, Chase The Question, Peggy Carter
 ROC Casino, New Timbetpal, Hank Pym’s Lab

3rd-4th Place – Tim Hickey
(Mystical Theme)
140 Jakeem Thunder
115 LE Loki
45 Mephisto
Ultra Heavy, Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Maps: WK Parking Garage, TMNT Sewers, ROC Blue Line

3rd-4th Place – Michael Eskew
130 Dreadpool
70 Klarion the Witch-Boy
60 Bat Knight
40 Juston Seyfert
Ultra Heavy, Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Maps: ROC Blue Line, ROC Wrestling Ring, ROC WWII Philippines Jungle

5th-8th Place – Johnny Maher
(Mystical Theme)
140 Jakeem Thunder
70 Klarion the Witch-Boy
54 Howard the Duck w/Defenders ATA
35 Green Lantern
Heavy, Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Maps: WK Office

5th-8th Place – DJ Riggan
120 Nick Fury
70 Arcade
50 SR Iron Man
30 Ultron-6 Drone
25 Wizkid
2 Pym Particles
Maps: Arcade’s Arena

5th-8th Place – Austin Petray
(Scientist Theme)
120 Swarm
80 Dr. Demonicus
50 SR Iron Man
50 Fitz + HENRY
Maps: Hydra Island, Nick Fury’s Safehouse, Final Battle New York

5th-8th Place – Andrew Wynn
90 Superman 002
75 Anarky
75 World’s Finest
50 FF Jean Grey
8 Weapon Drop
Heavy, Light Object
Sideline: Shifting Focus Supermans
Maps: Technodrome, Bank Heist