Brown Bag Sealed Results

One of the most popular Side Events is the Brown Bag Sealed.  These are “homemade” with some semblance of balance (we try!) and it consists of 5-carded figures and 5-pre-carded figures.  Players make a 400pt team and battle it out, Sealed format style!  It spans all sets with mini-synergies and themed team elements inside.  The figures come in its namesake brown paper bag.  These figures are supposed to be “throw aways” or just extra Common/Uncommon/Rare figures that just pile up around the store with no perceived value.  We had 15 players enter this fun and casual event, with 2 players going 3-0, Chis Staten and Kevin Afrooz.  Chris was able to TK his way to victory with triple TK, anchored by the powerful Major Victory, while Kevin played an X-Men Themed team which featured Longshot and Emma Frost.

1st Place – Chris Staten

Brown Bag winners!

Brown Bag action!