Majestix Regional – Main Event Metagame Breakdown and Analysis

The Top 16 was a lot of the same main pieces, albeit with different approaches.  Per usual, Nick Fury led the way with a whopping 11 copies of him in the Top 16!  He was followed by Mercury and Super Skrull.  Super Skrull is no surprise, but Mercury jumping that high in the ranks is a sign that the cheapest TK piece in the format is very well-positioned.  It also shows that a lot of teams like to use the “TK-Bomb” strategy.  That is, to TK your big hitter and paste something.  Speaking of big hitters, this format is full of them.  Aside from the aforementioned Super Skrull and a suped-up Nick Fury, Mary Marvel and KC Shazam! fit that bill rather nicely as well.  However, after a tick up in these two pieces recently, only two players played a copy of each in their build.

Strategies and archetypes came in all forms.  From the TK-Bomb to the super-range teams to the Doctor Octopus teams, there is still a lot of styles to play.  We had 2 hyper-aggressive Doctor Octopus/Klarion-taxi teams and 2 super-range Nick Fury teams (one was a SHIELD theme, while the other was a Nightlantern team).  In the control side of things, we had 3 Jason of Sparta/Nick Fury teams and 1 Highfather/Nick Fury teams.  We also had 3 Copycat and 2 Mxys in the Top 16 for disruption.  As you can see, there are still plenty of ways to go about this current metagame, but it is clearly dominated by Nick Fury and Super Skrull teams, followed closely by the Ock/Klarion teams.

As far as maps go, Danny the Street has overtaked Ryut and Ranx as the map of choice.  With the possibility of disruption from this map, it is quickly taking over the format as the map you have to test against.  The usual maps are still at the top, but you can see that there are many different maps viable in this format.  What is interesting however, is that no ROC maps are on this list.

Name Qty
Nick Fury 11
Mercury 7
Super Skrull 5
Blind Al 4
General Lane 4
Jason of Sparta 4
Ant-Man 3
Copycat 3
Doctor Octopus 3
KC Green Lantern (30pts) 3
Peggy Carter 3
Fitz FF 2
Gates 2
KC Shazam! 2
KC Spectre (35pts) 2
Klarion the Witch-Boy 2
Mr. Mxy 2
Nighthawk Prime 2
Agent 13 1
Banshee 1
Batman TW 1
Black Talon 1
Captain America 1
Captain America’s Motorcycle 1
Cerise 1
Despotellis 1
Element Man 1
Helspont 1
Highfather 1
Iron Man (50pts) 1
Mary Marvel 1
Nightlantern 1
Nightwing FF (25pts) 1
Radiance 1
Red Son Wonder Woman (125pts) 1
Thane (Amalgam – 25pts) 1


Map Name Qty
Danny the Street 7
Ryut 5
Ranx 3
Mt. Olympus 3
Latveria 2
Verkhoyansk 2
Thunderbolts Submarine 2
United Nations Conference 2
Black Mercy Garden 2
Arcade’s Arena 2
Slaughter Swamp 1
Attilan: Blue Area of the Moon 1
Helicarrier 1
Avengers HQ Upstate 1
Daily Planet 1
Oa Plaza 1
Nok 1
Zamaron 1
Deadpool Hellhouse 1
Attilan: North Atlantic Ocean 1
Office Building 1
Korugar 1
Legion Plaza 1
Triskelion 1

3 Soldier Theme
1 SHIELD Theme
3 Pym Particles
1 Hulkbuster Torso
1 Hulkbuster Right Arm