Tournament Report – Majestix Open Series $1K Regional (Santa Ana, CA) – PJ Bolin

Majestix - Clix O The Week 2

by PJ Bolin

Hello again everyone, I’m back with another tournament report.  This time from the Majestix Regional in California!  It was my first time ever going out to California, but my wife and I made the trek to celebrate our honeymoon, and then followed that up with some Heroclix (living the dream, right?)!  There were 51 total players for the main event, giving us 5 rounds of Swiss with a Top 16 cut into day 2.

First, let’s go into the team I played:

Jakeem Thunder 140
Bat-Knight 60
Juston Seyfert 40
Jean Grey 50
Hulkbuster Torso 10

Basically, what this team allows, is a full map reach alpha strike that can still bring Jakeem back to safety.  Jean can free TK Jakeem out to square 9, you can either Hypersonic, or Running Shot to reach wherever needed, then using your final two actions, you can use Juston to move Bat-Knight into place, and move back, carrying Jakeem.  Bat-Knight is also an excellent secondary attacker with his 11-Attack, 3-Damage Precision Strike that doesn’t suffer from damage depletion on his multiple attacks per turn.  He can also utilize the Ram ability during Juston’s free movement that he is given, attacking potentially 3 times per turn.  You will be able to see this in action quite a bit on the recordings that will be going onto the Majestix Youtube channel (subscribe!).  You will notice that Easton and I played the same build, except our item selection, which is entirely up to opinion on what is more useful.  So, to really get the hang of the reach for this team, watch either of our games.  Now, onto the event itself, I won’t be going to heavily into detail on the majority of the Swiss rounds.

Round 1 vs Brandon Cruz

He was playing Nick Fury, Overdrive, Betty Brant, Jean Grey, Hammer, and 30 points that I cannot recall.  I lost every map roll in Swiss… He moved up, I came out to try and kill his Jean and missed.  Couple turns later, I miss a Flurry and fail a break away, so Jakeem gets stuck.  He dies because I forget I have Invulnerability from the torso, feels bad.  Bat-Knight scores me some points before the end.  Loss 300-65.

Round 2 vs Matt Esbrook

He was playing Jakeem, Bat-Mite, Night Nurse, STAR Labs Tech, more stuff I can’t recall (I might be getting old).  Dice weren’t friendly to him, not much else to say about this game.  He played well, just didn’t catch any breaks.  We went to time.  Win 148-100

Round 3 vs Margo Aleman

He was using Alloy, Juston, HAHA Joker (5 tokens).  He had a couple friends there who had told me that he hadn’t been playing the game very long.  I killed Juston on my first turn, and never looked back.  Win 296-10.

Round 4 vs Matt Peterson

He played Jakeem, JW Green Lantern, KC Green Lantern, Shredder Clone.  This may have been the single luckiest moment that I have ever had in a tournament.  I kill his KC Green Lantern, and position poorly because I didn’t see the Ultra Heavy.  He takes Hypersonic + Super Strength, puts a Barrier next to my Jakeem to lower his defense down to 17, then moves up, carrying Shredder.  He needs a 6 to kill my Jakeem and walk away with the win pretty easily from there, but whiffs.  Really dodged a bullet there.  Win 296-100

Round 5 vs Zachary Tan

He played Renet, Doc Ock, Peggy, Klarion, other stuff.  He moved up half way, I used Juston to make Bat-Knight shoot a wall, then Outwit his Energy Shield.  TK Jakeem down, Running Shot + Energy Explosion and hit everyone, but Klarion.  He had one chance to get up there and get some hits in, but didn’t get any kills.  I danced around as I cleaned up.  As Zach said, I barely squeaked this one out.  Win 300-0

4-1 in Swiss is good enough to land me into the Top 16 as the #7 seed on Sunday!

Top 16 vs Eric Kauffman

His team was Jakeem, Quicksilver, LE Flash.  I knew going into this game that it was a very good match-up for me, he has a ton of Super Senses, I have a ton of Precision Strike.  Not a whole lot to go into for this game, I ended up winning on turn 3.

Top 8 vs Alyssa McNeil

One of the few people I’ve met before the event!  She had been playing super well all weekend, and I was quite worried coming into this match-up.  She used Jakeem, Mxy, Bizarro Green Arrow, FF Penguin.  She moved up to her objects on her first turn, and I decided that I wanted to roll some dice, so I went for the kill on her BGA. Attacked him 4 times, missed a couple and left him on a STOP click.  We dance around a few turns, missing some attacks, she kills Bat-Knight, I kill Mxy, and finish off BGA.  I tie her Jakeem up with mine, and pick Plasticity as I clear tokens.  She picks Hypersonic + Plasticity in order to get away and kill more of my support, but rolls a 1 on her breakaway, putting a 2nd token on her Jakeem, so I had 2 turns to clean him up.  It was a super close game, but ended in my favor.

Top 4 vs Armando Ramirez

Armando was using Krang, Juston, 2x Night Nurse, Streaky.  I won map roll and passed my first turn.  He left Krang and Juston in his starting zone and creeped up with the rest.  I took Hypersonic + Precision Strike and ran out to kill his Juston, double moving my Bat-Knight and Sidestepping back to hide Jakeem a little bit.  He ran over and cracked my Jakeem for 7 with Krang, but missed the 8 on the follow up attack with Streaky to finish the job.  I ran away with my Jakeem to get him reset, and Armando smacked my Bat-Knight to the ground.  While I was resetting, he tried to get some support rolls on Krang, but missed 2 consecutive 5s, I was able to kill him shortly after that.

Finals vs Easton Brock

We had discussed how awesome the possibility was that we could meet in the finals, with practically the exact same team, and sure enough, it happened.  Neither of us had really thought about how we were going to play the mirror, but the game didn’t really matter to either of us.  No matter who won, the prizing was similar for both of us, so we could just have fun with it.  I won map roll, and put us on Crossfire Canyon so we could just roll some dice.  I passed my first turn and he moved up a little bit to put everybody into some hindering.  I ran over and killed Juston and moved back (just like against Armando).  Easton went with the risky and aggressive play to get some attacks in and ended up killing Juston.  I got his Jakeem shortly thereafter with Close Combat Expert + Perplex to damage, and his Bat-Knight kept bullying my poor Jean.  It was a super fun game, against one heck of a player.  Always a pleasure to play against Easton, even though I lose to him more often than not.

My first trip to Majestix and I scored the win!  This was my first regional win ever, but my 3rd overall win in ROC play. I also competed in the 3v3 event that they had put on for the weekend, teaming up with Easton Brock and Aaron Cantu.  We went undefeated in that and took home the win there!  It was so much fun! My only single complaint about this entire event, was that they weren’t playing a better game in the lower level of the E-Sports Arena.  It would have been more fun to watch if it were actually a game I played!  Jerks!  Other than this major flaw, the event was run perfectly, I’m very glad that I made the trip out, and got to meet a bunch of new people!