2017 ROC U.S. Cup Main Event Results (additional)


Finals – Kevin vs Aaron

The new 300pt ROC Age format was full of great teams, and very powerful ones at that.  That is to be expected with a much larger pool of figures to choose from.  A few players with a 4-2 record made the cut to the Top 8, but there were three other players that just missed the cut, though they also had 4-2 records.  They are also included so you can see what all the top teams were comprised of.  As you can see, plenty of different resources (and one without!) were played.  Here is the breakdown: 2 Book of the Skull, 2 Green Power Battery, 1 each of Indigo, Red, and Blue Power Battery, 1 Phoenix Force, 1 Utility Belt, and 1 Quinjet resource.  That’s a pretty diverse group.  You can also see some of the older figures being played, mixed in with the newer figures.  Shredders, Mistress Death, Goblin King, and Nick Fury are Modern staples, and some older favorites like Quinjet, Highfather, Shuma Gorth, Mole Man, and Shriek were also played.  Some of the off-shoots were the Mousers Swarm, Pride, Mr. Freeze (60s), Hope Summers and Airstrike Ross.  On the entity front, it didn’t look like there were that many, with Parallax and Proselyte being played, along with Ion.  With the new rules, some of this will change, but not much.  With the new rules allowing Special Objects with Resources, it will be interesting to see what more craziness can from from this. 

Aaron Cantu 

1st Place – Aaron Cantu
100 Mistress Death
90 Mini Shredder
40 HAHA The Joker
20 Splitlip
30 The Book of the Skull (Full)
20 ID Cards:
-Green Arrow
Sideline: LE Nightwing 100, Chase Green Arrow 80, GotG Nova 60, Boxing Superman 75
Maps: WK Office, The Sewer, ROC “Logan” map

Kevin Afrooz

2nd Place – Kevin Afrooz
90 Mini Shredder
85 Shredder Clone + Ocean Resurrection
50 Peace Machine
50 ADW001 Dr. Strange
24 Red Power Battery:
-Red Ring
-Red Decoy
-Red Bulldozer
-Red Mallet
Sideline: Shifting Focus Dr. Stranges, Shark Shredder 130
Maps: ROC Blue Line, ROC Cargo Ship, WK Office

Matt Esbrook

3rd Place – Matt Esbrook
134 Shriek + Parallax
100 Goblin King + Ion
13 Blind Al
5 Invisible Plane
38 Green Power Battery:
-Green Ring
-Green Wall
-Green Sniper Rifle
-Green Bulldozer
-Green Net
Heavy, Light, Light Object
Maps: ROC Blue Line, Mount Olympus, Arthur’s Castle

Steve DiCarlo

4th Place – Steve DiCarlo
145 Quinjet + Resource Dial
40 Jarvis
30 Ultron-18.2 Drone
30 Ultron-6 Drone
25 Atomica
30 ID Cards:
-SHIELD Level 7
-Iron Man
-The Atom
-Green Arrow
Sidelines: SR Iron Man 50, SR Nick Fury 120, ADW036 Swordsman 50, WI030 Thor, Cosmic Spider-Man 75, AoUStarter Hawkeye 75, TW Green Arrow 135, AoU003 Ant-Man 50, The Atom 15 
Maps: Arthur’s Castle, Manhattan Bridge, Prison 42

Ryan Roberts

5th Place – Ryan Roberts
66 Mousers Swarm + Emma Frost Fragment
66 Mousers Swarm + Cyclops Fragment
66 Mousers Swarm + Magik Fragment
30 Ultron-18.2 Drone
13 Astral Dr. Strange (Incap)
13 Astral Dr. Strange (Incap)
13 Astral Dr. Strange (Incap)
15 ID Cards:
-SHIELD Level 7 
-SHIELD Level 7 
-Dr. Strange 
18 Phoenix Force (Colossus and Namor)
Sideline: SR Nick Fury 120, Peggy Carter 60, ADW035 Dr. Strange 50, Agent Ward 55
Maps: ROC Blue Line, ROC Logan map

Brandon Cruz

6th Place – Brandon Cruz
120 SR Nick Fury
75 Hope Summers
55 Airstrike Ross
35 Overdrive
13 Blind Al
Light, Light, Heavy Object
Sideline: GF Red Hulk (AE)
 Hydra Island, Nick Fury’s Safehouse

Scott Hickman

7th Place – Scott Hickman
145 SR Nick Fury + Parallax
35 JW Green Lantern
35 JW Green Lantern
30 HAHA The Joker
15 ID Cards:
-The Atom
-SHIELD Level 7
40 Blue Power Battery:
-Blue Ring
-Blue Crossbow
-Blue Catapult
-Blue Stop Sign
-Blue Axe
Heavy, Light, Light Object
Sideline: Chase Hawkeye 65, The Atom 15, Cosmic Spider-Man 75
Maps: Prison 42, Manhattan Bridge, Hydra Island

Karmell Rafisolyman

8th Place – Karmell Raifsolyman
200 Shuma Gorath
47 Mole Man
20 Splitlip
3 Photographer 
3 Business Woman
27 The Book of the Skull (Kuurth, Nul, Greithoth, Skadi, Angrir, Mokk, Skirn)
Sideline: Ultra Heavy, Heavy, Light Object
Maps: Cargo Plane, Wakanda

(Remaining 4-2 Records below)

Noel Martinez

9th Place – Noel Martinez
187 Goblin King + Utility Belt (Full)
47 Mole Man
15 Ape Superman
15 Ape The Flash
15 ID Cards:
-Iron Man
Heavy, Heavy, Light Object
Sideline: Venom Hulk, NF052 Hulk 100, Phoenixbuster 175, IIM001a Iron Man, AoU018 Thor, Jane Thor 145
Maps: Jean Grey School

Roel Sanchez

10th Place – Roel Sanchez
130 Highfather
130 LE John Stewart + Wall + Proselyte  
10 Parademon 
30 Green Power Battery:
-Green Ring
-Green Mallet
-Green Sniper Rifle
-Green Wall
Heavy, Heavy, Light Object
Sideline: Takion 175
Maps: ROC Zipline, Jean Grey School, Manhattan Bridge

Alyssa McNeil

11th Place – Alyssa McNeil
152 Pride + Proselyte 
75 TV Mr. Freeze  + Entity
30 HAHA The Joker
5 SHIELD Level 7 
30 Indigo Power Battery:
-Indigo Ring
-Indigo Wall
-Indigo Stop Sign
-Indigo Catapult
-Indigo Mallet
Ultra Heavy, Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Sideline: SR Nick Fury 120, Chase Hawkeye 65
Maps: Chemical Plant