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This is a hub for all of the Heroclix-related Podcasts. Just click on the link below to go to their site and listen to some great content!

Apex Insiders Den


A long-form format where anything goes.  Mostly dealing with Heroclix and high-level play, with a dose of other random stuff.  Episodes are downloadable from the embedded player.

Married With Clix

Married With Clix logoMarried with Clix brings you a regular diet of wacky, fun, and some times over the top Heroclix games. Watch Jay and Amber duke it out again and again. Inspired by Let’s Play, podcasts and clix videos running rampant across the web, this Dynamic Duo of veteran (foul-mouthed) players give you a look into what it’s like to be a married couple that plays together – or rather against each other. EXTREME LANGUAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS VERY MUCH ADVISED.  They REALLY are a very loving couple. Married With Clix provides a variety of Heroclix videos for your viewing pleasure. Something for everyone from weekly games (both fun and competitive) to Rules Explanations (Dial It Up) to Strategy (Meta Fix & Meta Lab) as well as interviews with Championships and high ranking players and regular set unboxings.

Critical Clix

Critical Clix

Welcome to Critical Clix: An Adult Podcast for the Competitive Heroclix Player, hosted by Kevin “The Clix Commander” Afrooz and Scott “CramCompany” Cramton. Critical Clix is a polished podcast that helps players break the meta every week. This show mixes Tier 1 player interviews with intense, high level, competitive Heroclix analysis and dick jokes. Strategies are not withheld, punches are not pulled, the hosts are made fun of repeatedly, and this happens every week with one goal in mind—to help YOU win the next big Heroclix event.

Two Clicks From KO
Two Clicks From KO

Blurring the line between ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’.

Clixed Off!
Clixed Off

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This Heroclix podcast is by adults and intended for adults. It contains harsh language and harsher opinions. Viewer Discretion is advised.