3v3 Superhero Showdown Co-Main Event Results

9 teams competed in the annual 3v3 Superhero Showdown.  It was 3 Rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 2.  The format was 300pt ROC Age, with each team having to build 3 different teams (1 Marvel, 1 DC, 1 Indy), with each player playing a team.  This was really popular, although it was late in the day.  In the end, it was Two Clicks From KO’s Aaron Cantu, Easton Brock, and PJ Bolin that took home the Gold, defeating the pacific northwest’s finest in Strike Force 5’s Matt Peterson, Cory Henry, and Andre Juarez.  Hometown favorite Team Majestix (Kevin Afrooz, Kris Flores, and Zach Tan) took home the Bronze. 

Two Clicks From KO

1st Place (Gold Medals) – Two Clicks From KO

Aaron Cantu (Indy) 
75 Michelangelo (space suit)
55 Renet Tilley
46 LE Kuriboh
45 SR Kuriboh
45 SRKuriboh
31 Millennium Stone (Ring, Puzzle, Necklace, Scale, Key, Eye)
Sideline: Relinquished, Magician of Black Chaos
Maps: WK Office, ROC Crossfire Canyon

Easton Brock (Marvel) 
140 Unicorn Deadpool
70 Alyosha Kraven
25 FF Lockjaw
20 Splitlip
8 Pym Pocket Tank
5 Manifold ID Card
5 Nova ID Card
27 Book of the Skull (All except Nerkkod’s Hammer)
Sideline: Manifold 58, Nova 60, Pym Particle Tank
Maps: ROC Crossfire Canyon, Hank Pym’s Lab, Friendly Neighborhood

PJ Bolin (DC)
92 Resurrection Man
75 HAHA The Joker w/Ion
70 Bizarro Joker w/Brainiac
5 Batman ID Card
5 The Atom ID Card
52 Red Power Battery (Ring, Wall, Stop Sign, Decoy, Bulldozer, Scissors, Axe)
Sideline: TW Batman 85, The Atom 15
Maps: WK Office, New Timbetpal

Strike Force 5

2nd Place (Silver Medals) – Strike Force 5

Matt Peterson (Indy)
(TMNY Ally Theme)
75 Chase Michelangelo
75 Chase Raphael
55 Renet Tilley
40 Splinter
25 April O’Neil
27 Millennium Stone (Eye, Key, Necklace, Ring, Puzzle)
Maps: ROC Blue Line, ROC Crossfire Canyon, Thebes, Egypt

Cory Henry (Marvel) 
145 Quinjet w/Resource Dial
30 Ultron-6
30 Ultron-18.2
45 Morlock w/Proteus
8 Pym Pocket Tank
35 ID Cards (SHIELD Level 7, SHIELD Level 7, Thor, Triathlon, Hawkeye, Captain America, Bucky Barnes)
Sideline: SR Nick Fury, Peggy Carter, UC Winter Soldier 95, FF Hawkeye 75, Triathlon, FF Captain America, AvX Thor, Pym Particle Tank
Maps: ROC Crossfire Canyon, Hank Pym’s Lab, Friendly Neighborhood

Andre Juarez (DC)
275 TW Superman w/Parallax
5 Green Arrow ID Card
20 Yellow Power Battery (Ring, Wall, Bulldozer)
Sideline: TW Green Arrow 135
Maps: WK Office

Team Majestix

3rd Place (Bronze Medals) – Team Majestix

Kris Flores (Indy)
(Dark Theme)
57 Kamionwizard
52 Castle of Dark Illusions
45 SR Kuriboh
45 SR Kuriboh
45 SR Kuriboh
30 Cyber Jar
23 Millennium Stone (Puzzle, Eye, Necklace, Key)
Sideline: Magician of Black Chaos
Maps: Hank Pym’s Lab

Zach Tan (Marvel)
210 Super Skrull w/Full Infinity Gauntlet
90 Copycat
Ultra Heavy, Heavy, Light Object

Kevin Afrooz (DC)
(Justice League Theme)
200 TW Lex Luthor
25 FF Atomica
25 FF Atomica
9 Justice League New 52 ATA (x3)
15 ID Cards (Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Batman)
26 Orange Power Battery (Ring, Wall, Net)
Ultra Heavy, Ultra Heavy, Light Object
Sideline: SMWW Wonder Woman 200, TW Lex Luthor 200, TW Batman