Team List: ROC-ket City Annual SQ (Madison, AL) – Robots – PJ Bolin

by PJ Bolin

The month of May, a beautiful time in the ROC meta, a time where you have the most things legal at one point.  This weekend is a 300 point modern Super Qualifier down in Alabama!  After much deliberation, and discussing with friends, and other members of the community, I have concluded that I will be dusting off my Ultron Drone build for one last hurrah before they disappear into retirement.  This build is near and dear to my heart, and it earned me my first ever ROC win!  It has adapted somewhat to the meta, but the core remains the same.  This team has earned me the nickname “Ultron Prime” amongst some of the member of the clix community.  I’ll be going over the build here, and giving some reasoning on each choice.

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