Team Tactics – Why Don’t I Play This Piece? – Mr. Nobody – Jay Solomon

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Jay Solomon by Jay Solomon

Hello, and welcome to another iteration of Why Don’t I Play This Piece?. This week, I will be going over a figure that will cause a lot of trouble for your opponents, Mr. Nobody.

Mr. Nobody has a trait that reads:

IT BELONGS TO NOBODY, NOW: When placing objects during game setup, you may place your opponent’s objects.

The ability to place your opponents’ objects has great strategic value, and can have a major impact on the game. If your opponent has Super Strength (or Jakeem Thunder who can choose it), you can stop them from being able to use their figure’s full damage potential. If your opponent is using special objects, such as the equippable ones, you can stop them from being able to use them. This will also allow you the opportunity to destroy these objects and gain an early lead in points. Regardless, messing around with your opponent’s objects and strategy will be off-putting and put them on tilt. Most notable is how Mr. Nobody completely messes up a team that relies on Overdrive, as he requires objects to make his Charged Up bystander. As the cheapest taxi around right now, Overdrive sees a fair amount of play, so being able to make him unable to do his job can completely screw over a team using him, such as a Doctor Octopus team.

Mr. Nobody also has a special power that he starts with that reads:

SANITY IS A FLEETING THING: Give Mr. Nobody a power action and choose an opposing character within range and line of fire and choose two slots on its dial that have standard powers. Until your next turn or until the chosen character’s dial is clicked, the chosen character can’t use the powers displayed in those slots, but instead can use powers as if the colors in those slots are exchanged.

This special power is more shenanigans that can throw your opponent off. As an example, if your opponent is playing Jakeem Thunder, his Energy Shield/Deflection and Probability Control become Barrier and Enhancement, respectively. Changing your opponent’s powers like that is a trick that no other piece can do, and it can also throw your opponent off. This is also a good way to get around a character having powers that can’t be countered, such as your opponent’s KC Shazam now having Mastermind and Empower instead of his uncounterable Invincible and Shape Change.

The dial itself is not much to look at, but the special stuff is what Mr. Nobody is there for. It’s worth noting that his defenses are decent for his points, starting off with Super Senses and Shape Change, so he won’t be the easiest points to get for your opponent. His mobility is also good, to go along with the special power. His lack of combat stats will make your opponent overlook him, giving him the time to set up for the special power. His pushing to Probability Control after setting up and doing the power action is also very effective, along with gaining Stealth for some more protection.

Overall, Mr. Nobody is a great little package of annoyance and messing around with your opponent, while also being able to manipulate your opponents’ game elements to your advantage.

As far as keywords go, Mr. Nobody will probably not see play in a theme team, but Politician is a decent one, having pieces like Nighthawk prime, KC Green Lantern, and Red Son Superman. Mr. Nobody does not have access to any ATAs.

The team that I have built with Mr. Nobody is based around shenanigans and messing with the rules, keeping with his role:

55 WF006 Mr. Nobody
75 TMNT3 023 Shredder Clone
80 WKM16-001 Doctor Octopus
25 FFWF 004 Nightwing
35 SFSM 029 Overdrive
25 FFJLTW 007 Atomica

The basic idea here is to move across the map, while being able to do damage even on a carrying turn, with Doctor Octopus and the Shredder Clone. Nightwing will use Outsiders to ensure that Doctor Octopus will be able to hit, while Mr. Nobody will switch around opposing powers to make it easier to deal damage, getting rid of reducers. Mr. Nobody is also especially good in Limited, where the lack of resources means that players will be playing special objects more often.

Thanks for reading, and remember that when playing the established competitive characters or Fringe figures, practice makes your team better.