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Adam Friedman by Adam Friedman

As the master of over-complicating simple things, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about something straightforward. Probabilities. Everyone knows that having a higher attack is better, and that having a lower defense is worse. Everyone knows that Prob Control (we’ll just use PC for the rest of our time here) is awesome. But rarely has it been asked or answered “how much better is an increase, how much worse is an increase, and how awesome is PC?”

Today I am going to try and answer that. And answering it requires a butt-ton of elementary statistics and basic deduction. Many of you couldn’t care less about the math. For you guys, just hit ctrl+F and look for tl;dr, the second hit you populate will be right before a chart with the most common situations you’ll face and an explanation of how to use the chart. You’re welcome.

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