To Buy or Not To Buy – Deadpool & X-Force – Kevin Afrooz

Kevin Afrooz (1) by Kevin Afrooz

Hey fellow Clixers. This is an article written to help players gauge whether it is worth buying a brick, case, or singles of that set. I know others do a similar type of review, however this article will look only at a set number of pieces for Commpetitive Play. In this instance 300pts Modern and 300 points Limited Constructed. I will attempt to help you strategize on whether it is worth purchasing a brick, case, or just some singles of that set in order to compete at the Competitive Level. If you’re a collector then you’ll always buy the new hotness, however for those that have the umpteenth version of Iron Man or Captain America you may be wondering if the set is worth purchasing and what figures will keep their value.

Looking at this set we instantly find that this is a set for collectors. Crazy Deadpool figures, An MTG Planeswalker in Clix form, and an Ultra Chase that has Deadpool riding a Unicorn. Even if you are not a Marvel fanboy you want figures from this set. The question however, is if this set holds up against competitive teams.


When just looking at the common figures in the set I was instantly able to come up with team ideas for both 300 Modern and 300 Modern Limited. Ignoring Shifting Focus Deadpool because he will have his own section after the Chases there are still 3 playable Common pieces.



  • 9 clicks of health
  • Stealth
  • Free Regen with 2 die rolls
  • Blades the whole dial


  • Only toughness as a defense reducer and on first 3 clicks
  • No move & attack power
  • 70 points instead of 50

Starting with Wolverine we find a 70 point figure with 9 clicks of health. He has a special power on his last 3 clicks that essentially allows him to roll 2 dice and choose the best one while using Regen as a Free Action. Can you say, “hard to kill?” This Wolverine is perfect for X-Men theme teams. Give him Impervious with an entity and he’s almost as hard to kill as Bizarro Joker. Problem is he would cost 95 points and Bizarro Joker is only 45 points.



  • Free damage
  • 18 Defense + Super Senses


  • Free damage power only on top click
  • No good keywords

Tippy-Toe is a 25 point tiny squirrel that can deal 1 damage to an opposing character

within 8 squares and line of fire that occupies hindering terrain. Needing to occupy hindering hurts the playability of this figure, but it can be combo’d with pieces like Space Mikey or Shroud.

U-Go Girl


  • 40 points
  • Phasing + carry 4 characters


  • 4 clicks of health
  • Can only carry “X-Force or X-Static” keyword characters

U-Go Girl is another carry piece in a long list of carry pieces. For 40pts she can 4 characters that share a named keyword with her. She however doesn’t have a defense power that reduces damage or Energy Shield. Having Combat Reflexes makes you think that Wizkids wants you to base opposing figures but she should never do that and only be used to carry. She also should never push unless absolutely necessary because with only 4 clicks of health she’ll likely die after pushing.

Commons Conclusion

Out of the 3 pieces talked about I mentioned that I was able to come up with team ideas for these pieces. This is true, however the team ideas aren’t anything broken or Tier 1 in playability. Out of the 3 characters mentioned the only one I would suggest is a necessary own is U-Go Girl and that’s if better X-Force or X-Static pieces ever come out.


Just like the Commons the Uncommons are figures that I was able to build team ideas around but didn’t necessarily think of as good pieces. Again only 3 figures stand out and none of them at this time seem game breaking.

Hit Monkey


  • 40 points
  • Running Shot + Precision Strike
  • Super Senses + Stealth
  • Modifies attack and damage +1 when attacking a character with Precision Strike


  • Only modifies attack and damage +1 if attacking a character with Precision Strike
  • Only 2 damage

The meme sums up Hit Monkey’s dial. Instead of just getting an increase to attack and damage when targeting a character with X amount of powers it’s only a character with Precision Strike. The best pieces in the format use: Pulse Wave, Psychic Blast, and Battle Fury. None of which are Precision Strike. This is a figure that essentially does no damage and is essentially useless if he’s not targeting a character with Precision Strike. Especially in the ROC where we have Skaadi’s Warbot in the form of Isaac Pog or in Modern where we have Ultron Drones for 30 points instead of 40 points and do more damage.

Koi Boy


  • 10 points
  • Free Lock Down Power


  • Useless other than free lock down

Koi Boy like Tippy-Toe is a low cost piece that hurts people who are in hindering terrain.

He may be given a free action to choose an opposing character within 8 squares that occupies water or hindering terrain. Until your next turn when that chosen character attempts to move, it must break away from Koi Boy with a -1 to its break away roll. This does not stop a figure from shooting because Koi Boy isn’t actually basing the figure, but it does help to keep them from Charging your team. Koi Boy’s only benefit is this power. His dial is horrible, but for 10 points it’s definitely a character that I will keep in the “maybe” team build box.



  • Turns off equipped items and entities equipped to a character
  • 18 Defense
  • 40 points
  • Sidestep


  • Does nothing other than the turn off of equipped items and entities

Bedlam is a character like the others explained in this set who do something original and

Specific but it doesn’t make him game breaking. Especially with entities being played less and Super Rare Leonardo just allowing you the ability to instantly KO an equipped item or character while still being a great secondary attacker. Like Tippy-Toe and Koi Boy this figure goes in the “maybe” box.

Uncommons Conclusion

The 3 Uncommon figures like the 3 common figures are figures that have potential and allow for some great ideas in team building but aren’t good enough to centralize a team around them. This is a little upsetting because you are now banking on the Rares, Super Rares, and Chases to save this set for playability.


With the Rares we start to find figures that teams could potentially be centralized around. There are 4 pieces that I believe could be good.        

Howard the Duck


  • 50 points
  • A ton of keywords
  • “Can’t Use” power
  • Tiny
  • Stealth


  • Not an attacker

Howard the Duck is probably the best piece seen so far in this set. For 50 points he can choose a power that an adjacent friendly character can use and turn it off on all characters within 6 squares and line of fire. This can essentially lets you turn off any power on all characters within 6 squares and line of fire with Jakeem as the adjacent character to Howard the Duck. He also has the ability to Incapacitate all adjacent opposing characters on click 2. And has Sidestep so he can move next to or away from a character before using one of those two powers.



  • 60 points
  • Running Shot with 2 targets
  • Energy Explosion + Psychic Blast


  • Doesn’t fly

Boom-Boom for 60 points reminds me of Prime Cerise. She has Running Shot and when

she has no action tokens she gets +1 to her attack and damage making her an 11 attack with 3 damage on top click. I don’t know if her inability to fly is a good or bad thing yet. On the one hand certain maps hurt her, but on the other hand your main attacker can carry her so that you get an essential 2 attacks on the next turn.



  • 60 points
  • Charge + Blades
  • Trait is Sidestep
  • Combat Reflexes w/ 18 defense


  • Main damage comes from Blades
  • Has Flurry and the 12 attack on 2nd click
  • No defense reducer

With Bizarro Green Arrow essentially changing the format to a close combat type of format pieces like Shatterstar start to shine because he has the ability to Charge 7 squares when you add his Sidestep to his Charge movement. With a 20-Defense to close combat attacks he’s also hard to hit. His only problem is that he doesn’t have a defense reducer, but that’s easy to give with an entity.



  • Tiny size
  • Invincible top click
  • His trait
  • A 35 point click with Probability Control


  • No Willpower or Indomnitable

Doop for 90 points has an amazing trait. He’s allowed to roll a d6 that can be rerolled and on 1-4 he can port characters. On a 5 he chooses a friendly character anywhere on the board and gives them the ability to use the Power Cosmic Team Ability until your next turn. On a 6 Doop turns into Krakoa (not really) and gains a range value of 10 with 3 targets and the ability to shoot out of adjacency. Instead of normal damage, each hit character and each character adjacent to 1 or more hit targets is dealt 3 damage. This trait is nuts for 35 points. The fact that he also has Probability Control and is Tiny size so he can be carried for free essentially by any of your other characters makes him the most playable piece so far. Just try a team with him instead of FF Atomica and see how great of an improvement this trait is for 10 additional points.

Rares Conclusion

These 4 Rare pieces can be game changers in the High Level Competitive scene. Each of them has the ability to stick around as proper support pieces and I expect Doop to be on the next winning team for a ROC tournament because he’s an annoyance that will have to be dealt with possibly before you even deal with the main attacker.


I expected more Super Rares to be playable and maybe they are but I only found 3 figures that are worth it to purchase or have in my opinion.



  • 60 points
  • Running Shot + Penetrating damage
  • Enhancement
  • 7 range, 11 attack, 4 damage


  • Doesn’t fly
  • No willpower

Fenris is an amazing piece, and like Boom-Boom he reminds me of Cerise. Fenris are WAAAY better than Boom-Boom though because they have an 11 attack with 4 damage when making a range attack, enhancement, and an additional click of health. They also keep Running Shot and a good attack value with 4 damage throughout 90% of their dial. This is a piece like Doop that will see play in the High Level Competitive Scene. Especially in the limited format.

Wiz Kid


  • 25 points
  • Adjacent friendlies modify their attack, damage, and range +1


  • Has Flight symbol and normal size
  • No good keywords

For 25 points Wiz Kid could have been an amazing piece. He increases 3 of the most important stats by +1 and is only 25 points. He however isn’t Tiny and has the Flight symbol so he can’t be carried unless a character ignores combat abilities. You would think for a Super Rare Prime this guy would do more than what an Uncommon Baxter Stockman essentially did. In fact I would say that Baxter did more as a support piece than Wiz Kid, however I can still see Wiz Kid being played on teams that can carry him around like Krang or vehicles.

Deadpool, Merc With a Mouth


  • Looks amazing
  • Cost Efficient
  • New Planeswalker Trait
  • Hard to kill


  • Will take 1 unavoidable damage if he does not attack in the same turn he activates a title ability
  • Doesn’t ignore for movement or line of fire purposes
  • Ultimate ability is essentially once per game

Wizkids has done a bang up job with this set in design. There are some new ideas like Doop’s trait and different takes on older abilities like duo attack with Fenris. And with Deadpool, Merc With a Mouth we see Wizkids try out a concept that comes from a game called Magic: The Gathering. That concept is Planeswalkers. For those that don’t know, a Planeswalker is a person with an innate ability to traverse to different worlds or universes with their gift. Who better to represent this in Heroclix than Deadpool, the man who breaks through the 4th wall in nearly every issue?

For 70 points Deadpool has 6 range and a 5-Speed when using Running Shot. Having 8 clicks of health this already makes him playable, however he’s even more so necessary on every team because of his Title character/Planeswalker abilities. Deadpool starts the game with 3 plot point counters. These counters can either be added or removed to do special trait like abilities as a free action. If you +1 Deadpool he may heal 1 click of damage. This essentially allows you to choose whether you want to stick with Range Combat Expert which Deadpool has on clicks 2 and 3 or use Charge Blades when on click 4. The plot ability states “may” heal, meaning that Deadpool may just +1 to give him an extra plot pot counter without actually using the heal ability. However if he doesn’t attack in the turn that he uses a plot ability he will take 1 unavoidable damage, so I suggest when using this ability heal, and then take the 1, that way you stay on the click that you were on if you’re not going to attack while you gain a plot point.

Deadpool can -2 to become a better version of Nighthawk Prime for a turn – “Opposing characters combat values cannot be increased until the next turn.” This is huge! Nighthawk Primes issue is he takes up a prime slot and doesn’t really do anything past his trait + Outwit. He’s also only 5 points less than Deadpool who has an 11 attack with 3 damage throughout his dial and is Indomnitable, so there’s no concern about him getting stuck somewhere after moving like there is with Nighthawk Prime. Deadpool’s only problem is that it takes 2 plot point counters to make it where opposing characters can’t modify their values upwards. That means that if on turn 1 you take a free action to gain +1 plot point then you will have turn 2 and 3 to alpha strike a Krang team and kill Krang before he can increase his stats and kill you. The other advantage of not being Nighthawk Prime is that even if the opposing figure bases Deadpool they still don’t get their increase to stats. The only way to get their stats increased again is to wait until Deadpool runs out of plot points to spend or attempt to kill an 8 click piece that has Regen on his last 2 clicks.

The only issue I have with this figure it’s “Ultimate.” I think because Deadpool, Merc With a Mouth is the first title character ever created Wizkids didn’t want to go overboard and balanced his ultimate plot point ability. For -6 Deadpool makes a range combat attack that ignores hindering, characters, and lets him shoot out of adjacency to target each opposing character within range and line of fire. Each hit character is then only dealt 2 penetrating damage. My concern is that his +1, and -2 abilities are so good that the -6 is almost unnecessary to use. It is however not affected by damage depletion because it says “2 penetrating instead of normal damage” which makes for a potentially fun combo in maybe Sealed play. Overall this figure is the best figure in this set and something that will probably be necessary in the coming year whenever the next resource is released.


We finally get to the chases. I always wonder how Wizkids comes up with the idea for which figures should be declared chases in a set or what the theme should be. In this set the Chases are multiple iterations of Deadpool. This upsets me a little because I was really looking forward to seeing some of Deadpools actual friends or the Marvel writers in this set and didn’t find any. No Blind Al, Weasel, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Benjamin Franklin’s ghost, Elanor (his daughter), or any of the Marvel writers that he killed in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.” There are however umpteenth more iterations of Deadpool as Chases and here are the best ones you should try to pull.




  • 12 attack
  • 19 Defense + Invincible
  • Potential 8 damage
  • Combat Values can’t be reduced
  • Power Cosmic


  • Giant
  • No Move and Attack

Looking at Championpool’s dial I instantly began comparing him to Krang and found that they essentially have similar values. The difference is that Krang can be carried, is a Robot so Juston Seyfert allows him to make more than one attack a turn, and Krang is 1 less click of health plus a move and attack power. Where Championpool excels is his ridiculously high defense. He can either attach a comic panel that gives him Combat Reflexes or Energy shield on top of the base 19 Defense. Some people in the past where able to work with these stats through Hulk pieces and devastate the competition, however they also had entities, resources, and a better pool of support pieces to work with. The only saving grace to possibly playing Championpool is that he is 175 points. I don’t know if this point value is to high or just right but I’m betting that this piece is necessary to obtain just for the Combat Reflexes comic panel.


Golden Age Deadpool


  • 75 points
  • Past keyword
  • 18 Defense w/ Defend
  • Can carry 2 lower point characters
  • 11 Attack, 4 Damage


  • No ignore for movement purposes


Golden Age Deadpool is essentially a 75 point Charge Piece that has an 11-Attack and 4-Damage. It’s tough to have Charge pieces get in close against Range attackers, however one of the comic panels is Energy Shield so he’ll essentially be a 20 defense from range. That alone almost makes him playable. Factor in the fact that he has Indomnitable, can defend adjacent characters with an 18 defense, and can carry 2 lower point friendlies and I suddenly really want this piece to work. It’s to bad that other pieces essentially do what this piece does for less points. Cloak can defend for 18 and carry a friendly through all forms of terrain and characters while only costing 35 points. Penguin is 40 points with an 18-Defense and the ability to create Robo-Penguins. As for Charge Klarion is 5 points less than Golden Age Deadpool and has the ability to Phase 11 then have Teekl charge and Blades for another 5 squares from Klarion’s position. Even Golden Age Deadpool’s comic panel – smoke cloud – is useless because Space Mikey for the same amount of points as Golden Age Deadpool and he can use Smoke Cloud as a free action.

Pirate Deadpool


  • Has the ability to use the highest attack value of any character on the map
  • Instantly grants Theme Team
  • Has Running Shot + Pyschic Blast


  • 135 points

 Pirate Deadpool is essentially 2 figures in one like Golden Age Deadpool. Pirate Deadpool is Duhg from Thor: Dark World who allows you to instantly become a theme team, and a regular Running Shot figure with Envy attached. When looking at it this way 135 points doesn’t seem so bad for a figure that instantly gives you Theme and has the ability to probably Running Shot with an 11 or 12 attack while dealing 3 damage. If needed he can even attach Precision Strike as a comic panel instead of Energy Shield which he comes with. Pirate Deadpool also creates a Parrot Bob token which has Perplex. Essentially this piece is playable. The question will be if someone can figure out a way to create a nasty swarm team with him some 10-30 point pieces, and an ATA.

Pulp Deadpool


  • 100 points
  • 12 attack
  • Running Shot and Charge
  • Indomnitable
  • 18 Defense + Super Senses
  • Past keyword


  • No Damage Reducer
  • No way to deal penetrating damage

Pulp Deadpool really is the whole package put in a perfect figure. For 100 points you have the best iteration of an assassin put into Clix form yet. He has Bullseye dial of Running Shot + 12 attack with Precision Strike. Ranged Combat Expert like Deadshot. Super Senses like Black Widow and Gamora, Stealth (from his Comic Panel) like Winter Soldier, and Charge like Cheshire or Ra’s Al Ghul. Need I go on? Pulp Deadpool has 6 clicks of health which is reasonable and a high defense throughout his dial. Did I forget to mention he also had Plasticity included with his Charge and Running Shot power? This piece will truly be devastating in future games because he’s a swiss army knife of assassin related powers. I only wish that one of the comic panels was Regen so that you could keep him alive indefinitely.

Deadpool (Unicorn)


  • $100+
  • 12-Aattack, Psychic Blast
  • Improved Targeting: Hindering
  • If no action tokens can make free Close attack using Blades
  • Can essentially handcuff an opposing character for the rest of the game
  • Once per game can ignore damage dealt


  • Has Charge with Pyschic Blast
  • No flight (I thought Unicorns fly)

Unicorn Deadpool is the Ultra Chase of this set. With distribution always being funky

when it comes to Deadpool sets I expect this figure to not only be rare because it’s an Ultra Chase but like Super Duper Ultra Rare because the majority of people that get it are not going to want to sell or trade it away because it’s actually playable. Having the ability to free Close Combat attack is always a great thing, but also being able to place his Rainbow Joy marker on an opposing character that he’s hit (doesn’t have to deal damage) and locking them down from ever being able to attack Unicorn Deadpool again unless that character is the last character on their force means that Unicorn Deadpool has the potential to permanently lock down the main attacker of a force until he kills that piece if he does it right because the roll for the marker can be Probability Controlled. At 140 points and the Mystical keyword I expect this guy to seem some immediate play. I however will be selling him if I ever pull him because a price tag of $199 means that I can sell him and probably buy the rest of the figures that are good in this set as singles with that money.


There are 8 Shifting Focus Deadpools. Not all of them are necessary to own, and a quick analysis will show why.

Starting with #001 (Common) Deadpool we find a piece that can use Blades and will always do 3 damage or more. He also has an 18 Defense and Combat Reflexes. He will probably be turned into once you base an opposing figure, however should not be one of the figures to start as.

#017 (Uncommon) Deadpool has a range of 7, Pyschic Blast, but only 2 damage. The only thing he’s essentially good for is the fact that he has Energy Shield on top click and his back dial where he gets Pulse Wave.

#033 (Rare) Deadpool is the piece you are usually going to start as. The Uncommon becomes worthless except for his back dial because this Deadpool has Running Shot, Energy Explosion, with 2 targets, and 3 damage on top click. He also pushes into a 21 defense against range attacks instead of a 19 defense which is what Uncommon Deadpool has on his first 2 clicks. Turning tiny on click 2 makes Rare Deadpool easy to maneuver through carrying and after an action resolves in which he was carried Rare Deadpool can make a close or ranged attack. If anything this Deadpool is the piece necessary for Shifting Focus to even be a viable option.

#034 (2nd Rare) Deadpool is a defense piece. Like with Shifting Focus Supes where you have one that has Invincible and +1 defense to adjacent friendlies this Deadpool has a defend of 17 up top and 18 on 2nd click. He can also Perplex once to target himself and another time to target a character that shares a keyword with him; the same applies to Probability Controling only friendlies that share a keyword with him. The keywords are all dependent so you’re going to have to choose the right version of #34 to play when shifting, so that all of your Deadpools if you’re playing multiple can be Perplexed either by having the X-Men, X-Force, or Heroes for Hire keyword. Sadly, only the next 2 of the Shifting Focus Deadpool and of course the respective #34 Deadpool have any of those keywords. That means that if you’re playing the rare Deadpool you’re not getting Probability Control or Perplex on your attacks.

#037 (3rd Rare) Deadpool should be used when no opposing figure can have the ability to target him. The reason why is because 3rd Rare Deadpool has an ability to use Phasing as a free action where his speed is equal to the result of a single d6 roll. This means that you can free Phase up say 3 squares, turn into Rare Deadpool and go for a Running Shot Energy Explosion. My problem with this piece is that I can’t control how far the movement for the free Phase is going to be. What if I try to Phase needing a 5 for the roll and instead get a 1? I’m not wasting a Probability Control on movement when I don’t have to.

#037b (Rare Prime) Deadpool has one thing and only one thing only that’s good about him and that’s the ability to heal for free. When Rare Prime Deadpool takes damage, roll a d6 and heal him equal to half of the result. The problem with this is I have to take damage and Rare Prime Deadpool only has Toughness on his first 3 clicks. The rest don’t have reducers. And why would I ever want to take damage when I could be sitting with 20-21 defense against close or range attacks? It doesn’t make sense to me to ever actually use this piece.


As it stands the Shifting Focus Deadpool aren’t as good as the Shifting Focus Superman. They have more potential than the shifting focus Batman, but that’s not saying much. Having an extremely high defense is a great thing, the ability to defend your team is great, but ultimately these pieces seem to be more of nuisances on the board for both players then they are an advantage.


The figures in this set are figures that do new things but only one or two of them are really game breaking. The commons had Wolverine, Tippy-toe, and U-Go Girl. Each of these pieces seemed to be figures that you may need for a combo that could work out in the future but as of right now none of them are game breaking.

At a reasonable rate of $0.50-$1 per common figure the necessary good commons would cost $1.50-$3. The Uncommon section only really had 1 figure that is a must own right now and that was Koi Boy. Bedlam and Hit Monkey are probably going to be used more in weekly tournaments than in a major event. Uncommon figures generally run for the same amount as a common and can be anywhere around $0.50 – $1. Let’s be generous and say you need all 3 Uncommons. You are then looking at a combination of $3-$6 for all of the Commons and Uncommons that matter.

The Rare section seemed to have more playable pieces with the best figure being Doop. Rares are generally worth anywhere between $2-$5 unless they are played more. With the 4 figures talked about Doop and Howard the Duck were the more playable pieces while Shatterstar and Boom-Boom became less necessary once we saw Fenris and Pulp Deadpool. If you were to get the 4 Rares mentioned it would come to $8-$20.

The total value for a CUR set is generally $30-$50. At the highest end estimated here the figures deemed necessary to be in your inventory would only come to $25. That’s half of the price that it would be for a high end CUR set. Normally it could be argued that some of the other pieces have potential in the future but this set lacks powerful characters and focuses more on the select few mentioned in this article.

Looking at the Super Rares we only have 3 that matter. One of them, Wizkid, is sadly the Super Rare Prime which means it’s essentially as rare to pull as a Chase figure. However as I stated above I don’t think he’s going to be a necessary piece unless a special character can carry him or Chameleon turns into him when needed. Most Super Rares go for $10-$15. Fenris will probably go for $15. Deadpool, Merc With a Mouth will also go for $18-$20, and Wizkid because he’s a Super Rare Prime will go for $35. If we add them together we have a total of $68-$70. With the necessary CUR figures included you’ve come to the same price as a brick without the issue of possibly pulling the wrong Super Rare or Rares.

It’s almost not worth it to buy a case except for the fact that this set relies solely on its Chases. 5 out of the 9 Chases are playable. And those comic panel attachments are going to matter even if the figure doesn’t like in the case with Pool Captain who comes with Precision Strike as his comic panel. There’s also the Ultra Chase which instantly pays for a case. If each Chase goes for around $50-$60 with the exception of the Ultra Chase then you are essentially paying for a quarter of your case just off of the Chase. That’s not enough to make me invest in such a thing because I’m essentially gambling on the top heaviness of rarity and have a better chance of opening randomized boosters than I would a case and expecting one of the 5 chases.

As it stands this set is probably best to buy as a brick, or as singles because its distribution is going to be a little off and you’re essentially gambling to pull anything either than the Common or Uncommon Primes. Even though some of the Chases are unplayable in my opinion they are still of a character that sells and should be tradeable if not for the comic panel alone. Most of the pieces in this set minus the Ultra Chase will be or should have flooded the market at this time because people are going to open brick after brick in an attempt to find that Unicorn riding Deadpool or to complete their shifting focus set because they’re collectors. If this set isn’t a must have thing you will definitely be seeing a giant price drop on most of the figures after the first month of its release. That’s probably when its best to purchase whatever figures you deem necessary for high level competitive play.